Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Listen to our April Songs!

Oh, A-P-R-I-L,
It’s April, it’s April,
Oh, A-P-R-I-L,
It’s April, my friends.
When green leaves are showing,
And flowers are growing.
Oh, A-P-R-I-L,
It’s April, my friends!

April, April,
Days may be warm or cool.
Let’s have fun but
Don’t be an April Fool!
We’ll work on our garden flowers,
And watch for April showers.
On Arbor Day
We’ll sing and play
As we plant a new tree at school.

April, April,
Time for a holiday.
Easter bunny
Hopping along the way!
The leaves on the trees are growing.
The farmers now are hoeing.
It’s green, it’s spring,
It’s time to sing
Now that April is here to stay!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Earth Day Music Video!

Earth Day is coming up and we've been thinking of ways we can make every day Earth Day! We made a video to showcase what we've learned, to teach others, and to HAVE FUN!

The students worked so hard planning, dancing, brainstorming to make this music video for Earth Day! We will show this to the rest of the school during lunch on Thursday!

Enjoy our music video! At the end, you will see some "outtakes" -- make sure you watch those too! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Groovy Great to Educate!!

We had so much fun at the Stephen Fite concert!! We even got to meet Stephen and chat with him after the show....far out, dude!

Author Study: Patricia Polacco

We had so much fun learning about the wonderful author, Patricia Polacco. We enjoyed many of her stories and had fun making connections to our own lives. Miss Stover did an awesome job planning this wonderful unit for the first graders!  We ended the author study by eating Thunder Cake!

Miss Stover is a great teacher!

Awesome Polacco books!

We graphed our favorite book by Patricia Polacco.

The results! Most students liked My Rotten Red-headed Older Brother.

Thanks for making us Thunder Cake, Miss Stover!