Monday, March 28, 2011

St. Patrick's Day FUN!!

We had so much fun on St. Patrick's Day!

We were involved in an online project with classrooms all over the country. In math, students got a bag of Lucky Charms cereal. We made the hypothesis that we would have more clover marshmallow shapes than any other. Students sorted the marshmallows, tallied, and graphed their results. Then we recorded the results of the whole class and reported them for the online project.

Not only was our own classroom hypothesis correct, but 360 classrooms participated in this project and overall, there were more green clovers than any other marshmallow shape. 29,363!!!

Later that day, a sneaky leprechaun left us a note with a clue. The students had to find clues throughout the classroom and school that would hopefully lead us to a pot of gold! Each clue had a letter with it, and the very last clue said to put the letters together to find out the location of the pot of gold. The kids worked hard and were able to unscramble all of the letters -- PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!!

We headed to Mrs. Diederich's office and asked her if she had seen any leprechauns. She did and was so glad that we came to get our treasure. We found the pot of gold --- gold chocolate coins. :) A great treasure that we could all share!

Enjoy the slideshow of pictures from this fun day! -Gena

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