Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 3 Rs - Earth Day Music Video

We've been learning about ways to take care of our Earth and ways to conserve our resources and we are ready to share what with know with YOU! Students had fun creating and planning this video....enjoy! And HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Music by Jack Johnson - 3 Rs


Mrs. Anissa Selbach said...

Oh My Goodness, First Graders! I loved watching your video. It has such a great message about our Earth!
Way to go!!
Mrs. Selbach

Anonymous said...

Great video first graders! Really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!
Cori Watkins

SeamanITS said...

Wow, way to rock it First Graders! I'm excited that you care about the Earth so much! Awesome video!

Mary Foxhoven said...

Love the video, First Graders! Happy Earth Day!

Natalie Wabaunsee said...

Great Job First Graders!