Thursday, September 8, 2011


The students have been learning how to select just right books to read during read to self. This will be a very important skill, as they will start choosing their own books to put into their book tub to read. Finding a just right book is more that just finding a book that is on the student's level, it is also taking into consideration whether or not they will like the book, what the purpose of reading that book is, and if they understand the content.

The I-PICK Method of Choosing a Book
I - I choose my books.
(not the teacher, not my friends.....ME!)
P - Purpose: Why am I reading this book?

(maybe it's because it's funny....or maybe it's to learn something new)

I - Interest: Does this book interest me?
 (I will be motivated to read if I am interested in the book!)
C- Comprehend: Do I understand the book?
(If I don't understand what I'm reading, that's a BIG problem!)

K- Know: Do I know most of the words? 
(It shouldn't be a struggle to get through a book. I will use the "5 finger rule"
to determine if I know most of the words.)

The students learned a song to help them remember the I-PICK method of choosing a book. Enjoy! The words to the song are also listed below. 


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Ella said...
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Mary said...

Great song, first graders!

Darcy said...

Amazing job, first graders!