Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Cloud Nine!

We wrapped up our fantastic unit of study on weather with a week studying clouds! The students learned the 4 main types of clouds -- cumulus, cirrus, stratus, and cumulonimbus....but they also learned what cirro, strato, and alto mean when talking about clouds.

We've really been enjoying some fabulous weather, but it was not so conducive to cloud inspecting! Can you believe we only had 1 day last week with clouds in the sky! We took out our official cloud inspectors and got to work identifying the clouds in the sky. These will eventually go home, but we need to use them at school for just a couple more days. :)

OOH! Look! A cirrus cloud!

Cloud inspecting takes a lot of concentration.

Future meteorologists!

Then we had some fun during explorations, and made cloud dough! Once you feel this stuff, you'll know why it's called cloud dough. It's oh-so-soft and lots of fun!

It might look like ice cream...but don't eat it!

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Cori Watkins said...

Looks like fun! Great job first graders!