Monday, December 5, 2011

Force and Motion FUN!

We had a blast last week during science talking about force and motion. One of the activities we did was make MARSHMALLOW SHOOTERS!

We discussed and demonstrated that little force won't move an object very far (or very fast), but if you use BIG force, it will move faster and travel farther. Wow, they had fun practicing that with their marshmallows!

We also discussed how we can measure how far things move. We went outside and students had a turn to see how far they could launch their marshmallow. We used a tape measure to record the results.

Push and pull....force....measurement.....what a fun way to teach these concepts!!

Then, we discussed velocity and how objects move faster down an inclined plane set at a greater angle. We did a little experiment to prove this using our marble race track!

It took nearly 6 seconds for the marble to roll down the ramp at this incline!

At this incline, the marble rolled down in 1.66 seconds. Fast!

We set the incline at a different height, and the marble rolled down in 1.25 seconds. Faster!

At the greatest incline, it only took .78 seconds for the marble to run the track. FASTEST!

And then we had marble races, just for fun. :)

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